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Cancer Strategy #11:  Psychological Stress Leads To Cancer...
Resolving Stressful Issues Vital For Success Against Cancer

Dr. Hamer, a German oncologist, developed cancer in the late 70s, shortly after his son's untimely death. Theorizing there was a connection between the stress of his son's death and his development of cancer, he began to investigate his cancer patients' histories, and found that they too had experienced an unexpected shock or trauma shortly before their cancer.

Next, he analyzed his patients’ brain scans and compared them with the corresponding medical and psychological records. Amazingly, he found a clear correlation between shocks, specific areas of the brain damaged by certain types of shocks, and particular organs where cancer developed depending on the type of trauma.

Based on over 40,000 case studies, over a number of years he developed a theory that every disease originates from a shock or trauma that catches us by surprise. The moment the unexpected conflict occurs, the shock strikes a specific area in the brain causing a lesion (called Hamer Focus), visible on a brain scan as a set of sharp concentric rings in MRIs. The brain cells that receive the impact send a biochemical signal to the corresponding body cells causing the growth of a tumor, a meltdown of tissue or functional loss, depending on which brain layer receives the shock.

He theorized that specific conflicts are tied to specific areas in the brain because, during evolution, brain areas are programmed to respond instantly to conflicts that could threaten survival. For example, let's say that a woman is walking with her child. Suddenly the child runs into the street, and is struck by a car. The moment a mother sees her child injured she suffers a mother-child-worry-conflict, and in a split second the special biological program for this particular type of conflict is switched on.

This always impacts in the brain area that controls the function of the breast glands. This is because, in biological terms, an injured offspring recovers faster when it receives more milk, extra milk production is immediately stimulated by increasing the number of breast gland cells. Even if the woman is not breast feeding, this event is still triggered. As long as the child is in the hospital, the breast cells will keep dividing and multiplying, forming what is commonly called a glandular breast tumor. When the child recovers, the mother will start to heal.

So you correct the problem that is causing the stress, like getting a new job if you have been fired, or a new spouse if there has been a divorce. Or you psychologically learn to deal with the issue so that it no longer is causing stress. Either is vital for healing from cancer. Done in conjunction with conventional treatments, the results have been exceptional.

Dr. Hamer suffered over the years for his controversial theories. One prosecutor pulled his records, and went through patient after patient. Out of 6500 patients with terminal cancer, 6000 were alive. Pretty impressive.

Cancer has many more causes than only being initiated by stressful events. But it does look like they are much more important in initiating cancer than anyone had previously thought. What is undoubtedly true is that stress knocks down the immune system significantly, which could certainly translate into accelerated growth of cancer cells. Continued stress from unresolved traumatic events must inhibit your body's ability to fight cancer.

Fortunately, there are now ways of dealing with, and releasing, events and problems that cause stress which work much faster and more effectively than traditional psychotherapy. One of the best is called the Sedona Method.

The Sedona Method

In 1952 a 42 year old successful entrepreneur in very poor health, Lester Levenson, was sent home to die. Lester began looking into himself to try and figure out his life. He discovered the basic mistakes he (and all of us) make in our relationships and life. And learned how to dissolve them and let them go. Three months later his health problems were gone, and he had developed an understanding that left him completely at peace. The Sedona Method became his way of teaching what he learned to others.

With it you learn how to release unwanted emotions effortlessly. As recurring stress inhibits your ability to fight cancer, using the Sedona Method would be valuable for conquering cancer. This process is backed by a mountain of scientific research, celebrity endorsements, and users who have achieved amazing breakthrough results in every area of their lives. Simply put, our emotions, reactions, just about everything we think we are, is on the surface, and joy or happiness starts to happen when you start letting go of whatever you've been holding on to.

"The Sedona Method is an easy-to-use, practical guide to releasing emotional tension, one of the key steps I recommend in my medical practice for achieving resilience, vitality, and long term health. This book is a valuable adjunct to every healthcare program."
--Frank Lipman, M.D., author of Total Renewal

"In an age when unrleneting stress and anxiety are considered by many to be unavoidable and normal, the Sedona Method is the most effective tool I have encountered for learning to simply let go of any emotional discomfort we may be experiencing." Elliott Grumer, M.D., psychiatrist

It can be used to help with some pretty tough health problems. Including the final stages of emphysema. "In the middle of April, my friend went into total respiratory arrest and I had to have paramedics bring her to the ER. After several weeks in CCU in a semi-comatose condition, the doctors told me that there was nothing more that could be done and they released her into hospice care so that she could die at home. During this time, Hale.... gave me several more sets of (Sedona Method) audio material to bring home, including Effortless Creation....

"Within two weeks, my friend began to recover. In three weeks she was taking notes on The Sedona Method Course and Effortless Creation, and made up her mind to recover completely. Last week she was examined by the doctor from hospice and he told us that she would be released from their care the first week in July. The doctor could not believe her recovery because they are only called in for terminal cases. This past Sunday we both went to the supermarket and my friend pushed a cart around the store for an hour and a half.

"If anyone has the slightest doubt about the effectiveness of The Sedona Method and Effortless Creation, I have a dozen medical doctors who are now using phrases like “inexplicable” and “miraculous.” Walker Bennett

In short, the Sedona Method can teach you how to release and let go of the stressful issues that may have helped your cancer develop. Or at the very least, help you reduce the stress so your immune system can respond better. It offers you a way to deal with issues that Dr. Hamer feels are the of cause cancer, ways that work better than anything you may have tried before.

Transformational Breathing

The highest natural high you'll ever have is after a Transformational Breathing session. 45 minutes of continuous full breathing makes you feel pretty darn good, to say the least.

Past traumatic events are reflected in your breathing patterns. What happens is that parts of the lungs shut down when you experience trauma and stress. This is because we hold our breath when under stress, and then we don't release it completely. In a Transformational Breathing session a practitioner using gentle pressure opens up the breathing patterns which releases the past stress causing traumas. Once they are released, they are gone. As psychologist Henry Rohrberg said, "One session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy."

Better still, this continuous breathing floods your body with oxygen. Cancer killing oxygen. It is best to first learn how to do this with a practitioner. The resource section will provide a web address to check on practitioners in your area.

Optimize Your Breathing

Most of us don't breath correctly. Learn how to breath correctly and you will increase the oxygenation of your body. Long term studies have proven that people with the best breathing capacity have the least amount of disease and generally live the longest. In the resources section of this website is a link to the best learn how to breath correctly program we have found.

Next let's go over some other things to consider when fighting cancer. And then review some of the top products mentioned in this report.

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