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Even one cancer fighting supplement can make the difference.

One man said his mother had been taken off chemo three weeks before because it wasn't working and there was nothing else to do. They told him to look into hospice solutions for her as she was in bed all the time and didn't have long to live. Shortly before that, she had started taking Oxy E. A week later her energy had improved so much she was up and active all day long, going out shopping and feeling good. Hospice was not needed.

A nutritionist reported that she had put someone on Ellagic Formula with Graviola a couple of months before. After going through 7 bottles, the tumors in one lung and in the lymph nodes were gone. The main tumor in the other lung was still there, but the doctors said it was dead at its center.

Linda reported that the doctors were amazed by what was happening with her father's advanced cancer. He was using Elemental pH. And another family member with a blood cancer also using Elemental pH had been scheduled for chemotherapy. When she went in for it, she was tested and told she didn't need it anymore.

More is better when it comes to fighting advanced cancer.
You can only do too little... not too much.

"The products I bought to fight my Mom's cancer seem to be working. They wrote her off back in February. One doctor gave her 3 to 6 weeks. She just celebrated her 82nd birthday. She has no pain, no illness of any kind. She is now walking again also. Cancer had eaten at her pelvis bones. (Radiation did work on that for the pain). She is refusing Chemo since she feels so good.

"The Doctor is just "flummoxed". Her blood counts are all normal and her bones in the pelvis are growing back. Something they said would not happen. The only product I bought from you she just could not handle was the Super Quinone. The first dose was so strong and frightening for her she won't take any more. But she is doing well without it. She did however, after 3 weeks of taking things, "purge" for hours one night. I feel it was as you say the dead cancer cells being forced out of her body.

"Thanks again for your advice and products. I have recommended them to a lot of people." Diane

(Her mother experience a healing crisis with the Super Quinone. That means it was working quite strongly. What you do when that happens is stop taking it till the reaction is over. Then resume taking it. Stop each time there is a healing crisis.)

All of the products mentioned in this report are valuable. Some are more potent then others, and you certainly want to concentrate on using those top products in order to most effectively fight the cancer.  

"We received great news from our oncologist yesterday after viewing Nikki's CT scan. Yes, she is responding very well to the treatments and yes, her remaining tumours are shrinking.

Compared to the CT scans done three months ago, they have shrunk by at least 80%. As such, Jenny and I have agreed to her continuing four more treatments. But it is my firm belief that our holistic approach is working and I must thank you all for contributing in one way or other to her recovery.

It will take another three months before the chemo regime finishes. Another CT scan will be held after that. Hopefully, by then, nothing is left of whatever tumours in her lungs and liver. Of course, we shall ever be so careful not to fall back on previous 'lifestyles' but to continue the new one into the future with fine tuning along the way." D. K.

The top tier products are effective cancer fighters -- even on their own.  They target all cancers because they target the underlying causes of cancer. They are natural and safe, you can take high therapeutic amounts with no side harmful side effects. With some you do have to start with small amounts and work up as you may get detoxification or healing reactions.

INSIDE TIP:  Even if you are taking a number of supplements in moderate doses,you need to use high therapeutic amounts of at least one or two of the top tier cancer fighting products discussed in this report.

Things to consider when fighting cancer...

You may very well be thinking, "I'm completely overwhelmed. There are so many products that sound good, what should I be taking?"

Remember, you don't have to make an either/or choice about whether to take chemo or radiation, or go with an alternative approach to cancer. These products have all been successfully used while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation -- in fact they even help chemotherapy or radiation be more effective. They will help you deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. And you will have better results when taking supplements too. They attack cancer in ways that chemotherapy and radiation don't.

Even if chemo and radiation alone are initially successful, far too often cancer comes back within two months to two years. Chemo put quite a strain on the body, and does nothing to improve the internal environment to make it healthier. So the cancer can come back quickly, and is usually worse the second or third time. This doesn't have to happen.

Supporting your body with supplements before, during and after chemo that will help you reverse the underlying causes of cancer discussed in this report.

Cancer should not be fought with one hand tied behind your back. Using chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery without taking potent herbal and nutritional supplements doesn't make sense. They can do no harm, and have been shown again and again to help.

It is of course important to eat healthy. Organic, if possible, to reduce toxins. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids from organic cold pressed flax oil (take two tablespoons with cottage cheese as the Europeans do to fight cancer) or fish oil.

Cancer thrives on sugar and refined grains. Cut them out as much as possible, and don't use artificial sweeteners as they are also not healthy. Stevia or Flora Sweet are the most healthy sugar substitute.

There has been research which indicates that eating too much animal protein, more then your body can utilize that day, may be one of the causes of cancer. A study was done where mice were injected with one of the strongest carcinogens there is, aflatoxin (a mold often in peanut butter). Some were given low doses of aflatoxin, some high doses. The diet of the mice included a range of high amounts of a milk protein to low levels. What the researchers found was that it didn't matter how much of the aflatoxin the mice had been injected with. Mice whose diet include over 12% milk protein (more then their daily dietary needs) got cancer. And mice whose diet included less protein did not. Even the mice given high doses of aflatoxin did not develop cancer if the amount of protein was low.

Apparently, too much animal protein acts as a cancer promoter. Cancer promoters are substances in our diets that can trigger off the growth of cells that have been damaged by carcinogens and are present in the body. Without these promoters those cells which have mutated will likely remain inactive. So it is a good idea to reduce amounts of animal protein (meat, milk products and eggs) and eat more vegetable protein like nuts, beans, etc. Study results indicate that you just have to keep the amount low and it will not be a cancer promoter.

Synthetic vitamins are not good for you. You may have taken multi-vitamins for years figuring that they wouldn't hurt you. Unfortunately, research shows that taking them is actually worse than not taking anything if they are synthetic.

In 1941 research done by Dr. Agnes Faye Morgan at the University of California found that animals fed synthetic vitamins had toxic reactions or died more quickly of degenerative diseases compared to those fed whole foods. She stated that the enrichment of processed foods with synthetic vitamins may "precipitate conditions worse than the original deficiency."

A study of 29,000 Finnish smokers proved that synthetic vitamins increased death rates significantly enough to stop a 10-year study prematurely. The risk of cancer increased by 16% and there were more heart attacks, more strokes, and an 8% higher increase in the overall death rate.

A Harvard study of 22,000 physicians reported no health benefits from synthetic vitamins. Other studies report toxicity and serious side effects. In one case, synthetic beta carotene blocked antioxidant activity and anti-cancer activity of 50 antioxidants in the diet.

In a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study, 18,000 American men and women at risk of lung cancer took a either a placebo or supplements of synthetic vitamin A. The researchers lead by Dr. Gilbert Omenn stopped the study in January 1996 because the group on supplements had a 28% higher incidence of lung  cancer.

Most of the multi-vitamins and many of the individual vitamins on the market are made with synthetic vitamins. The profit margin is huge compared to whole food vitamins. But as you can see, not only do they not work, but they actually harm your health. Fortunately, there are a few multi-vitamins that do not contain synthetic vitamins. An excellent one is Life Essence, created by the man who virtually started the whole food vitamin field. Every nutrient in it is derived from whole foods. Making it a safe, healthful, and surprisingly affordable multiple vitamin.

° ° °

You can't do too much when you're fighting cancer, just too little. The more you're doing, the more ways you're attacking cancer, the greater your odds of success.

Even if you are taking a supplement that has helped many people, it may not be all you need because you have other issues that supplement doesn't address. A broad, wide-ranging approach to supporting your health and fighting cancer always works best. Keep it up for a year to give your body time to recover. Consider using the Sedona Method to clear up unresolved stress that disrupts your immune response and could prevent you from beating cancer.

Cancer is not some mysterious disease that just happens to you. It has definite causes, and when you correct those causes, you get well. Natural treatments work remarkably well.

If the powers that be were to work on prevention of cancer by reducing our exposure to the huge array of toxins and other cancer causing environmental issues like EMFs, we would win the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, cancer is very big business, with huge profits, and preventing cancer is not profitable. So you will continue to see more toxins in our environment, more gmos, and more cancer.

Read the book Cancer-Gate by Dr. Samuel Epstein for a full understanding of this. He explains how the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society have betrayed us, spending tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers and charity money primarily targeting silver-bullet drugs while ignoring strategies for preventing cancer in the first place.

With this understanding of how cancer works, you do not need to to fall victim to cancer. You can take action to prevent cancer or to beat cancer, even late stage cancer. A comprehensive approach, doing as much as possible, is best.

The only reason not to do as much as possible, is affordability. Some of the best products are expensive, but there are plenty of relatively inexpensive products among the top tier products. The more you do, the better, so in making a decision as to what to get, choose a variety of the top products if possible.

And of course, improve your diet, eliminating refined sugars and refined carbs, eating more fruits and vegetables, etc. A grape diet has eliminated cancer in some people. Eat organic if possible. Make sure you are getting more essential fatty acids, that you are out in the sun to get vitamin D or take supplemental D. Stay away from chlorinated drinking water and chlorinated water in showers. Check out the Sedona Method.

All of the products can be used with each other, and don't have negative interactions with medications you may be on. Use them in addition to what you are doing with the doctor to amplify the benefits of the medications or chemo.

Cellular Zeolite is at the top of the list of supplements to take. And Zeolite powder at a bottle a month makes sure you get a therapeutic amount of the stuff. It will work in the body in a slightly different way than the Cellular Zeolite does, as it is processed differently. So it makes sense to do both. The product with the most history of producing spectacular results with cancer is Cellular Zeolite. It is a small bottle so you will need 4 to 8 bottles a month or more for a therapeutic amount.

There is an astounding group of remarkable testimonies about Cellular Zeolite. One man scheduled for prostate surgery used Cellular Zeolite for the two weeks before his surgery. When he went in for the pre-surgery test, the cancer was gone. Another man had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. When he began using Cellular Zeolite, he was home in bed on morphine. He started taking it and seven days later he was out playing with his kids. At 21 days no cancer showed in his cancer blood test.

Of course, for most people the process is slower. And someone can be too far gone to recover. But zeolite increases the odds of beating cancer. It is important to take high quantities when the cancer is quite advanced, or if you want to reduce the tumor size as fast as possible. As a general rule, the more you take, the faster the results.

For example, a cat with cancer was being given 3 drops 3 times a day. A therapeutic amount for a cat. No positive results were noted until the dosage was increased to 15 drops 3 times a day which is a huge amount for a less then 10 pound cat. Positive results started almost immediately. I

In her first week of taking 60 drops 4 times a day, one woman with breast cancer experienced swelling and redness in her breasts. A clear indication that cancer cells were being killed and the immune system was working get rid of the dead cancer cells, causing inflammation. A cost effective way to take more zeolite would be to add on the Zeolite powder. This way huge doses of Cellular Zeolite might not be needed, though certainly they can be taken.

Immune Power Herbal Formula is another remarkable cancer fighter well worth taking. It boosts the immune system response against cancer, and supports the detoxification system in several ways.

The Koch TMT works uniquely by stimulating the body to create methylglyoxal and to repair cellular respiration. MG Concentrate supplies the methyglyoxal in large quantities to stop the replication of cancer cells. They have been quite effective cancer fighters with the studies on MG Concentrate being most impressive.

Of course there may be other considerations which determine what you choose. If you have difficulty swallowing, Cellular Zeolite and SSR Super Quinone require minimal swallowing.

If you don't want to take a large number of capsules or tablets, it makes more sense to take U-FN at 6 capsules a day than the AFA Blue Green Algae at 30 tablets a day, or Defense at 4 to 6 capsules a day as compared to Ellagic Formula with Graviola at 18 to 24 a day. Or stick with the powders or liquids like Get Healthy Aloe MPS and Aloe 3X, DHLA, Cellular Zeolite, Immune Power Herbal Formula.

In deciding what to do, take into account that the more underlying conditions causing cancer that you correct, the better your chances of beating cancer. The best alternative cancer clinics use many products that fight cancer. Incorporate as many of the strategies as possible into your battle against cancer.

These cancer fighting strategies do work. We hear reports all the time of people getting over tough cancers using these strategies. Hit cancer as hard as possible with a variety of cancer fighting products, diet improvements, and handle the stress with the Sedona Method and/or Transformational Breathing. Plus whatever your doctor has you do. If possible to do so, it makes no sense to do less.

Review Of The Top Tier Cancer Fighting Products

Whenever you are killing cancer cells, you must support your detoxification system so that it does not become overwhelmed. There are several products important to take, especially at first, if you are weak. They will help reduce detoxification symptoms too.

Liver Balance Plus and Kidney Rescue are herbal formulas (tablets) that provide about 60% of the total support for both organs. High quality products. Their sister product, Seasonal Rescue, supplies the other 40% along with immune boosting and cancer fighting herbs. You may want to take quite a bit of these products at first and then stick with the Seasonal Rescue for continued use. UltraLiver8 uses the cancer fighting Reishi mushroom and other herbs not found in Liver Balance Plus to further repair and detoxify the liver while at the same time helping to fight cancer.

In addition, you will need to support the lymphatic system as it is responsible for getting rid of many cancer cells. Lymphatic Drainage is a formula that has been used by many doctors to support the lymph system and to get it flowing.

Zeolite acts as a powerful cancer cell killer... after it supports the detoxification system by grabbing hold of toxins. Because both the liquid and the powder would work in the body in slightly different ways, it does make sense to use both if affordable.

Cellular Zeolite. Four to eight bottles a month, supplying 15 drops three to five times a day is a therapeutic dosage for this liquid zeolite. 60 drops 4 times a day, which is about 24 bottles a month, is being used by some who wish to be super aggressive in their fight. Cellular Zeolite has little taste, can be put in food, fluids or even right on the tongue, with or without meals, so it is very easy to take. Drink plenty of water to eliminate any possible detoxification symptoms.

Cellular Zeolite is more concentrated than other types of liquid zeolites, absorbs more toxins, is better purified and safer to use as there is no danger of bacterial contamination. In addition, it is the most proven product for fighting cancer effectively.

Liquid Zeolites. Use two to four bottles a month. There are other liquid zeolite products available. Basically someone mixes a little zeolite powder, fulvic or humic acid and water together and sells it cheap. These do not have the cleaned out molecular structure that Cellular Zeolite has so they are not as effective. Worse, they are not even a way to save money. You could literally buy a container of the Zeolite Powder, a quart of the Humic or Fulvic acid, some purified water and make 100 or more bottles of liquid zeolite for what 10 or 12 bottles would cost you if you purchased them.

However, Liquid Zeolites is different. It really should have a different name I suppose as the name is a bit confusing. While the zeolite molecule still is not emptied completely, it is processed by a high tech lab that specializes in making micro minerals with enhanced absorption. The small size of the molecules in Liquid Zeolites enables more of it to get into organs or wherever you want it to go. Especially important for brain tumors or other hard to get to cancers.

Zeolite, the powder, gives you more zeolite for your money. One container supplies a therapeutic amount of 2 heaping teaspoons a day for a month. It makes more sense to get one bottle of Zeolite powder for a month's supply, than just one bottle of Cellular Zeolite, because 1 bottle of Cellular Zeolite would not provide a therapeutic amount of zeolite. The powder mixes easily and dissolves complete in water or juice and has no taste. Use in conjunction with Cellular Zeolite, or by itself. An elderly person with poor digestion might have a harder time handling the powdered zeolite and should consider using Liquid Zeolites and Cellular Zeolite.

DHLA Nano Plex is a powerful cancer cell killer. It is a natural source type of alpha lipoic acid that gets into cancer cells because it is made nano sized from probiotic fermentation. This has a profound anti-cancer effect in cancer cells as it causes natural cancer cell death. Cancer cell walls can literally rupture. At the same time, it make non-cancerous cells healthier. Use 3 to 5 bottles a month. A liquid extract, you only need to take 2 teaspoons daily when on the 5 bottles a month regime.

The next two products make use of methylglyoxal to stop cancer. Relative unknown, they originally developed over 50 years ago by Nobel Prize winners.

MG Concentrate provides methylglyoxal to your cells to help stop cellular replication of cancerous cells. Methylglyoxal has had continued highly successful use in a clinical trial in India for a number of years. One bottle is a 20 day supply at the highest suggested amount of 5 servings a day, but will last almost a month if doing slightly less, 4 servings a day.

The Koch TMT formulas stimulate the production of methylglyoxal in cells, they help with the repairing cellular mitochondria, and slow down or stop the replication of cancer cells. Under typical usage, two 10 vial sets of TMT last 3 months. However, a slightly more powerful alternative is to take one vial every 3 days so one set lasts a month.

With the Koch vials you have to break off the tops. They come in sealed glass vials that are used for muscular injections in Europe. (The most effective way to take the remedies.) This can be tricky.

If you have done radiation therapy or are doing it, for best results wait 30 days before taking any of the methyglyoxal products.

Oxygenation is another major area in the fight against cancer. There are several very good cellular oxygenators to consider that work together synergistically to increase oxygen levels in your body.

Oxy E will produce more oxygen in your cells. This will help to kill cancerous cells, and helps prevent other cells from becoming cancerous. Be sure to use it at a high therapeutic level such as 4 to 6 (up to 8) bottles a month as the normal therapeutic level of 3 bottles a month isn't quite enough.

Ge-ProCoQ10 Max may help improve the utilization of oxygen in cancer cells so that natural cell death can occur. Uses the most absorbable CoQ10 available, shown in studies to be 18 times better utilized than regular CoQ10. Supplies Germanium and Soluble Rice Bran Solids also for additional oxygenation support. One bottle is a month's supply.

UltraCeps works in a different way than Oxy E or Ge-ProCoQ10. The cordycep mushrooms in it improve the functioning of red blood cells. Studies show it can help you get as much as 40% more of the oxygen you breath into your cells. Plus it is a potent immune system supplement, increasing Natural Killer cell activity by about 400%. The job of NK cells is to destroy cancer. Take three bottles a month for therapeutic use.

Oxy Re-Stor EFA is specifically designed to supply the essential fatty acids needed to transfer oxygen into cells. Use one or two bottles a month. This product does not have to be refrigerated.

Life Support will increase circulation and thus oxygenation of your cells. Plus improve the delivery of all your anti-cancer supplements into your cells. Use a bottle a week for the strongest results.

Normalizing pH by increasing alkalinity in your body is another important fundamental.

Elemental pH is highly recommended for increasing pH levels when you are fighting cancer. Once your pH levels are normalized, keep taking it so that your body can better detoxify itself. Cancer cells pump out a lot of acid, and Elemental pH will help to neutralize that acid production. One bottle a month is all that is needed, just 1/8th of a teaspoon 3 times a day.

G.H.A. Alkalizer is another piece of the pie in raising pH levels. Use 1 to 3 bottles a month. Liquid drops that you put in the fluids you drink. Greens, such as the AFA Blue Green Algae help increase pH.

Some of the best immune support products are:

Immune Power Herbal Formula is a comprehensive anti cancer formulation using 15 different organic anti cancer herbs. Drink 2 to 6 cups a day, which is 1 to 3 containers a month.

Medicine Man Tea. One bag makes two gallons of this powerful cancer fighing and blood purifying tea that has had remarkable success in beating cancer. It also helps to support the detoxification system. Following the usage recommendations, this supply will last 6 weeks the first time you use it, and 12 weeks or more after that.

Get Healthy Aloe MPS and Get Healthy Aloe 3X may well be the most potent immune system enhancers. (Aloe powder has had some powerful effects on cancer over the years). One large size bottle of the Aloe MPS and one half the sized bottle of the 3X are a normal therapeutic amount for a month. A high therapeutic amount would be 3 bottles of each a month. These are powders that you take first thing in the morning.

UltraImmune9 is the best medicinal mushroom supplement we could find with 9 of the top medicinal mushrooms in a proprietary formulation. Take 3 capsules three times a day for an adult, which requires 3 bottles for a month's supply.

YewImmune5 supplies the Pacific Yew Tree taxanes which are a unique and powerful cancer fighter that prevents cancer cell division and multiplication. Use 2 bottles of 180 capsules each for a month's supply.

Defense is a powerful yet inexpensive cancer killing herbal formula which also acts as an antioxidant, fights pathogens and is an immune system booster. Use 4 to 6 capsules a day for fighting cancer, 2 or 3 bottles a month.

Immuno C3 is the essential oil formulation that boosts immune system response as it enhances communication among immune system cells. Use one or 2 bottles monthly.

Marine PhytoPlankton liquid extract is a superfood that does an excellent job on cancer, helps with diabetes, candida and more. It is a powerful immune system booster. Use 5 or 6 bottles a month as part of an anti-cancer regime.

Carnivora capsules and extract use the venus's flytrap extract to kill cancerous cells. 30 years of use have proven this to be an excellent cancer fighter as it can both kill cancerous cells and enhance immune system response. Use 3 bottles of the capsules monthly. If needed, up to 6 or more bottles of the liquid extract can be taken.

Total Hormone Solution supports your entire hormonal system, quite important for people with cancer. For normal use a bottle lasts 2 months, for advanced stages double the dose and use a bottle a month.

Whole Cell Beta 1-3D Glucan works very well with Get Healthy Aloe MPS and of course, can be used on its own. Use one capsule for every fifty pounds of body weight. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. Research shows it is the most potent beta glucan on the market, and has very strong effects on the immune system, improving 75% of the immune system.

U-Fn U-Fucoidan has a great deal of research in Japan showing it is a powerful immune system supplement that can cause cancer cell apoptosis. Six capsules a day, 3 bottles a month is a therapeutic amount. This is a concentration containing 35% u-fucoidan with synergetic co-factors to help it work better.

AFA Blue Green Algae in large quantities can wipe out cancer. It is good for detoxification, nutrient support and giving you more energy along with boosting the immune system and supplying cancer killing phytonutrients. The 500 capsule bottle is a normal therapeutic amount for a month, two of those is a high therapeutic amount. One pound of the powder is a high therapeutic amount for a month, or will last two months at a normal therapeutic amount. The powder an be mixed in juice to improve the taste.

Seasonal Rescue supplies wasabi and other herbs that kill cancer and boost the immune response. Plus take it at the start of your cancer fighting program and it will activate and support the kidneys and liver for better detoxification. Use 5 tablets 5 or 6 times a day. 180 tablets in a bottle.

Ellagic Formula with Graviola is a potent cancer cell killer and antioxidant. Both Ellagic Acid and Graviola are well researched cancer fighters. A high therapeutic amount is 3 to 4 bottles a month, 18 to 24 capsules a day.

Some other top cancer supplements are:

Hi-Pan Enzymes and PhytoBio Enzymes aids digestion when taken with meals, and if taken on an empty stomach, will attack cancer. Up to eight bottles of Hi-Pan and two or more of PhytoBio can be used monthly.

Health First Grape Seed Extract is the best source of OPCs for fighting cancer that you can find. Highly anti-inflammatory. Use a lot, 10 to 16 capsules a day, that is 5 to 8 bottles a month.

IASO Water will help hydrate cells and energize the body. One bottle will last a month if you use it primarily to micro-cluster your drinking water for improved water and nutrient absorption into cells. If you drink a lot of it undiluted morning and night for its ability to raise the level of energetic vibrations in your body, you may want as much as six bottles a month.

Some other valuable cancer fighting products are...

Another basic is a good probiotic formulation as the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract form a major part of your immune system. Some people say as much as 70%. Total Immune Booster recolonizes the intestinal tract with 67 different friendly organisms, and provides allicin which has long been known to fight cancer too. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. Take 2 to 6 a day. Ultra Blend has a history of research behind it as being good for cancer and reducing nausea from chemotherapy. 2 to 3 bottles a month. BioticBloom is a prebiotic that is one of the best ways to increase intestinal flora.

Inexpensive basics are: Betaine HCl improves digestion, helps your body eliminate lactic acid and adjusts pH - and years ago was used successfully as a cancer fighter when used in conjunction with potassium. Use with the equally inexpensive Ionic Potassium Concentrate or HCL Activator which will help increase oxygenation and works with HCL.

Be sure to get Vitamin D Forte if you don't get out in the sun without sunscreen. You need more than you get in a multi-vitamin and it is very important for fighting cancer. Selenium, which is in Ellagic Formula with Graviola, or an individual source such as the Ionic Selenium Concentrate, enables your body to turn off rapidly reproducing cells. Vital for cancer fighting or prevention.

Amigo Goji, Mangosteen and Acai powder used at double the standard dosage will saturate your cells with antioxidants and a host of valuable cancer fighting specialty nutrients. Individually these juices have proven themselves to be powerful cancer fighters. Take at least 6 servings of the powder daily for therapeutic use. That's 2 containers of the powder per month. Goji Concentrate is also high in antioxidants and cancer fighting nutrients.

There are many other additional products in this report that fight cancer. Pick and choose the ones you find useful. They are all good. If you are still drinking coffee, switch to the healthy coffee with enfused mushroom extract. It provides immune support, helps normalize pH, and helps to detoxify the body. The raw Chocolate Powder is a sugar free chocolate packed full of antioxidants. The fluoride free Green Tea Extract is a simple and tasty way to get a lot more antioxidants. Stevia or Flora Sweet sweetens with no sugar. EFA Concentrate is an excellent source for essential fatty acids. Protein 8 in 1 Greens and ImmunoPro supply digestible protein and other nutrients to support your body.

A reminder...

You don't have to use everything in high therapeutic amounts, however, using several products in therapeutic quantities is important in order to get enough to make a difference. Use several strategies to attack the cancer.

Because these products are natural products, they can be used with whatever else you may be doing. You can do chemotherapy and take these natural supplements. Both can be done together. The worse a cancer is, the more it's better to do, because that will increase your odds of success.

These strategies have worked for many many people. The sooner you start using them, the greater your chances of success. Some say that your chances are almost nil if you don't use natural supplements that promote health along with whatever your doctor has you do.

If you do have time on your side, chances are very high that employing these strategies will stop and even reverse your cancer because they correct the underlying conditions that allowed the cancer to develop in the first place. Plan on continuing a cancer fighting regime for at least a year. Even after the cancer is gone, you need to be supporting the body to help it recover so that the cancer doesn't come back a year or two later.

These strategies won't help you if you decide to do nothing. They are safe, natural supplements, they won't hurt you in any way. They will only do good in your body. Use them in addition to what your doctor has you do, or use them on their own.

If you are confused about what products to purchase, you may want to take a look at some product suggestions for specific products. Click on the link for the type of cancer you have. As this site develops, we will have more suggestions available.

Breast Cancer   Mesothelioma Cancer  Lung Cancer   Prostate Cancer

Good luck with your battle against cancer. Here is your....

5 Step Game Plan

1. Below you will find links to these cancer-fighting products.  Click the links below.

2. Look for the products you have decided to use and purchase them.

3. Start taking these products faithfully and in the suggested dosage as discussed above.

4. If you see results, great.  Continue with the protocol.  If not, alter your protocol with more products and vary the dosage till you see results.

5. You may want to get the personal guidance of a naturopath using these suggested strategies

10 Resources For Beating Cancer

Some of the supplements you'll need to beat cancer and win are widely available.  Many are hard to find.  Below is a source where you can stock up on these special supplements - the ammunition you need - to overcome your cancer.  Plus links to other information you might find to be of interest.

1) GetHealthyAgain is an excellent and helpful online store specializing in effective immune support supplements.  It carries all the supplements, the video, book, CD, DVDs and more.  They can answer questions you may have about the supplements, and can get better support on the use of various products in combination. Call them at: 800-832-9755 or 907-235-5556.  
You get a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on their products.

CLICK HERE to visit their immune supplement page -

2) To read about a skin cream so effective and powerful it is used in some cancer clinics for taking care of skin cancer, click here.

3) Sedona Method. Learn how to let go of emotional issues that can lead to ill health and cancer, and learn how to create effortless health and well-being. Great for relieving the stress of dealing with a life threatening illness. And much much more. This has our highest recommendation. Click here to learn more.

4) As we have said, controlling stress is a major issue in healing. Study after study shows the power the mind and emotions have in causing disease, and getting over disease. It is useful to clear up any past emotional baggage that may have lead to cancer. The Sedona Method is the conscious approach to this. For another technique that can help you handle stress and fear, deal with past emotional issues, merely through tapping, go to the EFT web site   Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and very effective way to reduce fear and stress and resolve many issues that may prevent you from healing.

5) With a tough case of cancer, it never hurts to put an energetic healer to work on you. A good healer like Michael Limacher can help almost everyone do better, and with some of the people he works on, long distance or in person, their cancers just disappear. If you have an interest in him working with you long distance, give Michael a call at: 907-299-1852 cell, 907-235-7575 home. His website, which isn't much because he is a healer, not a web guy, is P.O. Box 3001 Homer, AK 99603. Minmum donation $75.

6) Optimize Your Breathing. Learn how to super oxygenate your body and get all the benefits of increased oxygenation by learning how to breath properly. Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, asthma, speech problems and every disease known to mankind is worsened or improved depending on how well we breathe. A free breathing test will help you determine if your health can improve by learning how to breath correctly and deeply. If you have cancer, you are almost guaranteed to breath poorly. Almost 6000 people have taken this test, and the people who scored the highest had the least illness. Learn how well you breath, and what to do to improve your breathing, and thus better fight cancer. Like the Sedona Method, this is another course I feel everyone can benefit from. This site has a lot of information. Just remember, the basic course is all you need to get started.

7) People sometimes ask what foods are good for you, and what aren't. Other than general common sense like staying away from sugar, refined flours, and most refined vegetable oils, it's very hard to say what's good for you and what isn't. That's because your metabolic body type plays a big part in determining what foods are good for you and what aren't. There is a science behind this that can help you determine what foods may be good for you and which ones you may want to minimize. Click here to learn more about the metabolic typing diet.

8) The Whole Food Farmacy has raw foods that are healthy snacks or meal replacements, including raw nutrient dense powders that you can mix up in a drink for a liquid diet. Expensive but good. Click here to go to their website, and substitute a healthy raw food snack for the not so healthy stuff you may be eating now. They now have an organic coffee where the beans have been infused with the extracts from 4 mushrooms. There's some interesting information too.

9) There are two websites that provide extensive education on the dangers of Genetically Modified foods - which will likely cause many cancers and are a huge disaster that needs to be stopped. Learn what you can do to stop this craziness. focuses on what to do. focuses on telling you what's unhealthy about genetically modifying food.

10) Transformational Breathing. Learn how to super oxygenate your body and get reduce stress. is their website where you can learn more. An excellent practitioner has a bed and breakfast and breath on the beautiful coast of Maine, on an island off the coast. Call Filomena at 207-853-0928 for a real treat.


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