Effective Strategies For Defeating Breast Cancer

This introductory page to the report 11 Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer focuses on breast cancer. The entire 11 Strategies report has been described by some readers as the best information on cancer, what causes it and how to beat it, that they have found. Putting together a great deal of information that is only found in bits and pieces on the internet, and covering some things no one else knows about. Better still, people like that it is readable, something the ordinary person without a medical background can comprehend. And it's free. No book or e-book to buy.

However, there has been one consistent complaint about this report. It is overwhelming. There are so many ways to fight cancer, and so many good products, it is hard to know where to start and what to get. This introductory page is designed to help remedy that situation by providing suggestions specifically for breast cancer. Both the common types of breast cancer and the more rare inflammatory breast cancer.

The detailed information on the causes of cancer and what you need to do to beat it is covered in the report. So if you prefer to read the report first, click here. There will be a link back to this page towards the end of it. Or if you plan on printing the report, which could run 90 pages or more in the print version, first print this page, and then click here to go to the printable version of the report.

Depending on the number of products and the amount used monthly, time estimates are given on how long it is likely to take to eliminate the cancer. Unfortunately, it is natural when you read testimonies about how someone took just one product and got over a cancer in two months, or some similar miracle story, to think that's all you have to do. While this does happen, it is not likely to happen. And using just one or two products instead of a full regime greatly reduces the likelihood of success. Especially for an advanced cancer, where quite a few products are usually needed to turn the cancer around because there is so much cancer and so many issues that must be dealt with.

The quantities to use will almost always be higher when dealing with an advanced cancer. You need to use more to have a reasonable shot at survival.

Choosing the best products, and taking enough of them, can make the difference between success and failure. A person who had been using a number of supplements to fight his cancer for several years was going downhill. He got on an advanced protocol of all the suggested products for his type of cancer. A couple of weeks later his wife wrote. "We were so amazed last week. Because R. was so ill, every time he swallowed, he choked when he was eating. That has all stopped. He had a tumor on his chest. That is nearly away."

He hadn't been using quite the right products, and hadn't been using enough of them. Of course, he still had a long way to go, but he was headed in the right direction.

This is not to say that you should give up and not try anything if you can only afford one or two products. Because people do get over tough cancers using just one or two things. The odds are less though.

That said, below are some of the products mentioned in the 11 Strategies report that a person with breast cancer should most seriously consider using. They are listed in order of importance, with the most important at the top of the list. The first list is for the more common types of Breast Cancer. Then Inflammatory Breast Cancer will be covered.

Early to Advanced Stage Breast Cancer:

For an early stage cancer, consider using at least the first 4 products in the suggested quantities for about 6 months to clear up the cancer. If you use the top 7 products in the quantities suggested, the time will be shorted to about 5 months.
Use the top 12 products at the suggested dosages, and the cancer could clear up in 3 months.

For an advanced stage breast cancer, consider using at least the first 6 products in the suggested quantities for about 12 months to clear up the cancer. If you use the top 12 products in the quantities suggested, the time could be shorted to about 9 months. Or if you choose to do all of the products, recovery time could be about 5 months.


Take additional products for an advanced stage cancer that has spread to detoxification organs. The ability of your body to detoxify itself is of vital importance. So if the cancer has spread to your detoxification organs, consider adding on:

Liver Balance Plus 5 bottles for a months supply, and UltraLiver8, 4 bottles a month - different herbal formulas that support the function of the liver.
If it has spread to the kidneys, Kidney Rescue is another herbal formula excellent for improving kidney function, 2 bottles for a month's supply.
For the lymph system, Lymph Drainage is a homeopathic formula designed for increasing the flow of the lymph system, 2 bottles for a month's supply.
If it has spread to the colon, 1 set of the Para Cleanse and Colon Booster per month will focus on cleaning the colon and killing parasites that may be causing cancer.

Once your cancer is gone, you must continue taking supplements for about a year to make sure your body recovers completely. First, cut the number of products by a third and reduce their dosages also by a third, and take them for 6 months. After that, reduce the number of products and their dosages by half this time, and take them for another 6 months.

These are probably the best products to be using for breast cancer in general. However, if when reading the report you come across products that resonate with you, they may be what your body needs and you should strongly consider using them. Read below if you have an inflammatory breast cancer, or click here to go to the report.

Early to Advanced Stage Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

For an early stage inflammatory breast cancer, the first 5 products in the lower quantities could take about 9 months to clear up the cancer. Using all 13 products at the lower dosages could clear it up in 6 months.

The numbers before the product names are the number of bottles to use per month. The products are listed in order of importance, so start at the top and work down when considering what to get. The first number is for an early stage cancer, the second for advanced stage. If there is just one number, use the same quantity for any stage cancer.

1 to 3 bottles of Immune Power Herbal Formula - a powerful immune boosting tea developed for cancer
5 to 8 Health First Grape Seed Extract - the best GSE from Europe, anti-flammatory, anti-cancer
1 Rejuvin - frequency enhanced water that rejuvenates, normalizing cancer cells so they die a normal death
2 to 4 Hi Pan enzymes - taken on an empty stomach to get into the body, they destroy cancer cells
1 to 2 PhytoBio digestive enzymes - improves digestion and increases absorption of Hi Pan enzymes
1 to 3 Get Healthy Again Aloe 3X - specialized glyconutrient to boost immune response threefold
1 to 3 Get Healthy Again Aloe MPS - best range of aloe glyconutrients, long history of beating cancer
1/2 to 1 Total Hormone Support - activates a collapsed hormonal system so that you can better fight cancer
3 to 5 DHLA Nano Plex - causes cancer cells to die as they can't handle the mitochondrial energy it produces
1 to 2 Turmeric Complex - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory cancer fighting herb, not rancid
1 Raspberry Skin Cream - gets ellagic acid into the skin for putting directly on cancers
1 to 2 Betaine HCL - improves digestion, increases oxygenation and detoxification of cells
1 to 2 HCL Activator - works with Betaine to oxygenate and detoxify cells and fight disease

For advanced stage inflammatory breast cancer, the minimum amount suggested for success is the top 7 products at the highest dosages. It could take about 12 months to get rid of the cancer with these. If you use all the products at the highest dosages, it most likely takes about 9 months to clear up the cancer.

Once the cancer is gone, to make sure your body recovers completely, continue taking products for a year. First, reduce the number of products by a third and continue taking for 6 months. At the end of that 6 months, reduce the number of products by a third again, and take them for another 6 months. 

Hopefully this page has given you some idea of amount of supplements that you must reasonably expect to take to defeat breast cancer or inflammatory breast cancer. And may help you sort out the more important products to use from the wide range of products mentioned in the 11 Strategies To Kill Your Cancer report.

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